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In an effort to be fiscally responsible to the CGC, the Board of Trustees voted unanimously to require recertification applications and payments be made online from the CGC website at It is the responsibility of the guardian to ensure that they recertify within the time frame required by CGC. CGC will only notify current guardians of the need to recertify their status via electronic means 60 and 30 days prior to expiration of their certified status. The organization will allow for a 45-day grace period for recertification, after which time a decertification letter will be mailed to the guardian and the process of becoming a certified guardian must begin again.

If notification is not being received via email, it is possible that CGC does not have your current information on file. If that is the case, you should contact CGC headquarters at 717-238-4689 in order to update your contact information. You may also want to look in your spam or junk folder to make sure that emails from CGC are getting through to your inbox.

CGC requires recertificants to undergo a criminal background check and educational verification every other recertification period. This requirement began in 2012. If you are required to undergo this process during your recertification, you will receive an email from our third party vendor, Certiphi, requesting specific information. Please watch for this email to be received as you will not be approved for recertification unless you undergo this process and pass the checks required.

CGC recertificants will not be charged a late fee for late submissions of their recertification applications. Recertificants are not required to submit third-party affidavits.